Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: Nastiest of Nasties

Have you heard of hand, foot, and mouth disease? It’s freaking nasty.  Let me set the stage for you…

So there I was, sitting at work on a Thursday afternoon when I received a call from the Baby Monster’s daycare. Caller ID lit up with their name and my heart sank. You KNOW something is wrong when daycare calls, even when they start the call with, “It isn’t an emergency we just wanted you to know…”.  It may not always be an emergency but you can bet your ass that whatever they have to say is going to change your life in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather get those phone calls than wait and be surprised when I get to daycare.

Anyway, I get this phone call that the Baby Monster has a rash on his body. Like all over his body and they have tried cooling him off (it’s cold where we are and he was dressed for the weather) but nothing is working. Oh by the way, he can’t go back to daycare until he is seen by a doctor. Shit. We have been extremely lucky so far and he hasn’t gotten anything worse than the sniffles since he has been in daycare.  Of course we would get hit with the nastiest of nasties the first time out the gate. What is the nastiest of nasties you ask? It’s hand, foot, and mouth disease.

You may be asking yourself why hand, foot, and mouth disease is so nasty.

First off, it is highly contagious. Secondly, it can cause a fever and blisters all over the body. The blisters can be on your feet which make it painful to walk, on your groin, in your mouth… everywhere.

The Baby Monster, luckily, didn’t get the blisters all over his body. He had little red bumps for a few days but that was the extent of the damage.  His mouth, on the other hand, was so messed up that he refused to drink from the bottle or nurse. Drella helped me feed him using a medicine dropper so we could keep him hydrated.

Remember how I said this disease is highly contagious? Sickness spreads through a household like wild-fire and ours is typically no exception. J-Zilla and Drella don’t know how to stay out of the Baby Monster’s face. They are constantly kissing on him and picking him up.  Not today. I’ve never seen them wash their hands so much! Thank the Lord they did! So far they haven’t caught it (knock on wood). I’m a different story. I’ve been checking my face and body like I’m searching for ticks ever since I saw the rash on his little self. It doesn’t help matters that J-Zilla has taken to inspecting me as well. There’s nothing quite like explaining that my “spots” are from getting old.

Where are we now? The Baby Monster had a check-up yesterday and was cleared by the doctor to go back to daycare. How was his first day back you ask? Simple… Although the doctor cleared him, the daycare has a special waiting period of 7 days for kids with hand, foot, and mouth disease. Why? Because it’s gross, contagious, and babies put EVERYTHING in their little mouths.

Now I feel like I need to shower. Talking about hand, foot, and mouth disease is like seeing a spider nearby. It may have never touched you but you have to shower to get rid of that icky poo feeling.


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