The Case of the Gimmies: Drella and the Scholastic Book Fair

Do you remember when the Scholastic Book Fair came to your school? I remember it like it was yesterday…

The teacher handed out the flyer with all the books listed. I searched for my favorite books and circled them with the hope that my parents could spare a few dollars for the latest Babysitters Club. Then came the day of the bookfair… The class walked down to the cafeteria where all the books were laid out on the lunch tables. We walked up and down the rows, touched the book covers, and yearned to take one home. I don’t remember ever purchasing a book from the book fair. My monsters, on the other hand, are allowed to get a book every time the book fair comes around. Today was the last day for the book fair at their school.

J-Zilla and Drella were allowed to spend $10 at the book fair with explicit instructions to BUY A BOOK. Do you think both of my monsters bought a book? One of them did not. Drella headed off to school Tuesday morning with her little change purse swinging from her wrist and a promise to get a good book. She was extra excited because she is learning to read and wants to read everything.

Fast forward to the end of the day.  It’s now time to pick them up from daycare. They get in the car and the FIRST thing out of J-Zilla’s mouth is, “Mom! Drella didn’t buy a book with her money! Tell her! She bought erasers and toys!” [Yes, he is a snitch.] She was fuming in the back seat as she explained the reasoning behind her purchase.

It went a little like this, “I needed erasers and a new highlighter for my class! This one has 3 colors!” [Nevermind that these things were purchased less than 3 months ago.]

Drella was adamant that she had enough money remaining to buy a book. Her face fell and she looked incredibly pitiful after I opened her change purse and explained that 50 cents is not enough for a book. She was so disappointed that she spent all of her money on junk and didn’t get a book that she devised a plan to beg J-Zilla for money.

Evidently Drella passed J-Zilla’s teacher in the hall and asked her to pass a message to him requesting a few dollars for a book. He, of course, declined. She was pissed by the time we got home because she didn’t understand why he wouldn’t share his money with her.

It is now Friday evening, the book fair is gone, and she is still without a book fair book. My attempt to pass on jewels of wisdom fell on deaf ears as she doesn’t understand why no one will give her money for a book. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a case of the gimmies! The only book she will be reading is The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies.

Up tomorrow: Drella and Fight Club. Learn about the First Grade Fight Club (no one was hurt).

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