Candy-Holic: How To Get Rid of Holiday Candy

Candy is a huge problem in my house. Somehow, someway, my daughter always has candy. I don’t even know where it comes from half the time. I’m sure she is swindling her friends for candy. She’s really good at trading up to get what she wants. It’s to the point where it has become a real issue.  Why? Two reasons…

  1. She was caught taking candy to her room and leaving the wrappers under her pillow. Ugh… GROSS!
  2. She has a cavity.

I think it goes without saying that trash belongs in the garbage. Am I right??? My daughter knows better than to leave trash in her room. I know this for a fact and not only because that is part of the rules. I KNOW that SHE KNOWS because she is quick to tattle on her big brother and tell him how nasty it is if he leaves trash in his room.

Now about this cavity business… As much as my daughter loves candy, she also enjoys brushing her teeth (weird, I know). I think the main reason she likes brushing her teeth is because it gives her extra time in front of the mirror. Anyway, she loves to floss and even uses mouthwash on her own. So why does she have a cavity?! My best guess is that this little monster has been hoarding the candy and eating it late at night or early in the morning when I am trying to get baby brother settled. And you know it’s nasty when you have that toothpaste taste in your mouth and try to eat. None the less, we went to the dentist a month ago and found out that she has a cavity. You wanna talk about someone with hurt feelings?! This little girl acted like someone stole her dog. She sat in the chair and cried. She cried because the dentist told her not to eat so much candy (again, it appears out of thin air, this isn’t something I buy for her), and limit her chocolate milk to the weekend. To top it off, this was right before HALLOWEEN! Don’t worry, she was still allowed to go trick-or-treating.

Now we have to figure out what to do with all the candy… This goes for ALL holidays. For some reason my monsters get candy from family for many holidays, not just Halloween.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Mom Tax: First and foremost, there is mom tax. Mom tax is required for all things. If I’m going to spend money on a costume and walk around in the cold for an hour for you to trick-or-treat, please believe some of that candy is going to be mine. They don’t even argue with me anymore. Matter of fact, this year my oldest picked out a couple of my favorites without me asking. That’s training! Mom tax also works for dads and grandparents. You can use it for all types of things. Let’s take a bag of chips for example, if my monsters need me to open a bag of chips for them, at least one of the chips is going in my belly. They quickly learn to be independent and open their own chips so they don’t get taxed.
  2. Give Some Away: There’s no way my monsters get to keep all of the candy they bring home from trick-or-treating. They like to share their candy with family (a.k.a. give away the crap they don’t like). They also put together a little bag for me to take into work. I take that back… My oldest son put together a bag. My daughter hoarded all the candy and refuses to share. It’s a work in progress.
  3. Make Pie: Have you seen all the pie and cake recipes that call for crushed up candy?! Holy sweet tooth!!  Bribe your monsters to save some of it so you can make desert!
  4. Take it Away: This is my least favorite option. I truly don’t mind if my monsters have a little bit of candy every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with having candy in moderation. But when I find candy wrappers in bedrooms and under pillows, it gets taken away.

What do you do with your Halloween candy? We want to know! Comment below to share your strategies for getting rid of (or eating) candy.

2 thoughts on “Candy-Holic: How To Get Rid of Holiday Candy

  1. So glad I’m past the stage of having problems with this! But your ideas are really good. Spread the love and give some away, was my favourite idea! Thanks for sharing