To My Son: Do Not Give Up

To my son,

Do not give up. I know things are tough right now but they will get better. You are strong. I know you are frustrated at school and struggle to find your place among your classmates. You are loved. I see the frustration and hurt on your face when you come home and tell me that you have lost another friend. You are wonderful. I feel your pain as you try to tell me it doesn’t matter and I know that this strong front will fade away as bedtime comes and the loneliness sets in. You are not alone.

My son, I see you. I see you for the amazing, loving, funny, and intelligent person you are. I see you take in everything around you and store it in your elephant like memory. I see the way you make your brother laugh and protect your sister. My son, I hear you. I hear the passion in your voice as you talk about the things you love. I hear the jokes you tell and the way you “jone” on people. I hear you singing to the music on your iPod as you dance in your Halloween costumes with big ole rain boots on. I hear what you don’t say.

My son, I love you. I love your strong sense of moral direction when it comes to others. I love how you tell me everything about your day; starting from when I wake you up in the morning until I tuck you in at night. I love that you still want to be near me and even hold my hand in public. I love your confidence in playing the clarinet and I am so proud of how well you’re doing (you still have to practice). I love your sense of style and the fact that you always seem to be missing one sock. Or if you happen to have two socks on they don’t match. I love that you could eat pizza for every meal. I love that you make silly faces when you sing. I love the conversations we have. I love that you aren’t afraid to stick up for others. I love spending time with you and our mommy/son date nights (even if I still have to pay). I love your anaconda hugs and cuddles. I love everything about you.

I was meant to be your mom and you were meant to be my son. You were mine before we met and loved before I saw your face. Life isn’t easy or fair. You will face times of turmoil but you will not be alone. I will be there to help shoulder the burden. I will be there with love and open arms, to bring you light and hope. Together, we will make it to tomorrow.

I love you my son. Do not give up and never stop being who you are.