Sunday Funday in the Urgent Care

Have you ever seen a child with a runny nose? How about a child with a runny nose who REFUSES to blow their nose? The sound of a child sucking the snot back up their nose is one of the worst sounds in the world. It ranks right up there with nails on a chalkboard. Do you know why it’s so bad? It’s because that snot goes right back into their little heads and down the back of their throats. That’s when the sore throat starts. Maybe this doesn’t happen with your littles but it happens every single time with J-Zilla. Sometimes it doesn’t amount to much and the sore throat will go away on its own. Other times, like this weekend, it turns into an infection.

The snot sucking sound started on Friday. J-Zilla put more effort into sucking the snot back up in his skull than he did reaching for a Kleenex. My heart sank and my skin crawled. I automatically bark, “Blow your nose!”. I don’t know why… It doesn’t do any good. The runny nose turned into a headache and sore throat. He was coughing by Saturday morning and becoming short of breath by Saturday night. J-Zilla has reactive airway disease so this is nothing that we aren’t used to. He used his inhaler, took some OTC medicine and went to bed. Easy peasy. Only it didn’t go away and got worse by Sunday morning. Off to urgent care we go!

An outing with my monsters is no easy feat. First, the baby needs all of his gear (stroller, diaper bag, diapers and wipes in the diaper bag, bottles, formula [since the hand, foot, and mouth disease episode he has refused to nurse = no more easy access to food], hat, socks, warm blanket, toys, etc.). Second, J-Zilla and Drella have to get ready. [More on this in another post.] Third, I have to find a way to shower and get dressed. Fourth, we have to make it to the car. So, two hours later and we are finally ready to go. J-Zilla brought more crap than the baby. He headed to the urgent care with a blanket, stuffed animal, toy dragon, water bottle, and a partridge in a pear tree. Drella packed cereal, gold-fish (I admit it… I stole a handful or 10), a book, and sweater (evidently she was going to a fashion show). It takes forever to load up then unload when we get to the urgent care. The monsters had to get ALL their stuff out to look at it while we were waiting to be called back. The poor nurse had to hold the door for us for a full 2 minutes (seems a lot longer in the moment) while they got their crap together and walk back to a room.

Our visit was fairly uneventful. The doctors were quick to get us back, run tests, and treat him due to his shortness of breath (thank God it wasn’t an emergency with as long as it took us to get there in the first place). The real gem happened when they gave him a nebulizer treatment. Do you know what that medicine does to you? It hypes you up. A lot. Have you ever seen a kid with ADHD after a nebulizer treatment? I have. J-Zilla happens to be that kid and he didn’t get just 1 treatment. They gave him 2 doses. Lord help me. He caught a case of the wiggles before he was half-way done. I thought he was going to jump up off the bed and start dabbing. Because he dabs. He makes it a point to dab when he coughs. Then he dances. It’s hilarious. The best part is that he has no idea how funny he is (and his breathing is better).