Frequently Asked Questions

What size is the Dream Dust and how long does it take to settle?

Fairy Dream Dust (Small): 1.45 in / 45 seconds
Fairy Dream Dust (Medium): 1.57 in / 1 minute
Fairy Dream Dust (Large): 2.36 in / 2.5 minutes
Dream Dust/Mermaid Scales (Travel Size): 2 oz / 5 minutes
Monster Dream Dust (Small): 11.15 fl oz / 8-10 minutes
Monster Dream Dust (Medium): 16.9 fl oz / 10-12 minutes
Monster Dream Dust (Large): 28.74 fl oz / 12 -15 minutes

The timing depends on how much glitter is used and the size of the bottle. Chunky glitter (used in the Monster Dream Dust) falls faster than the extra fine glitter (used in all bottles). The following times are the average:

Do you accept custom orders?

Absolutely! Please email us with your custom request.
Take a look at some of our custom creations and color combos currently available for ideas.

I am unsure of which colors to choose. Can you help?

Yes, I am able to help you choose a color combo. We can work together to bring your idea to life. However, once purchased, custom orders may not be returned.

Are there age restrictions for Dream Dust or De-Stress Slime?

While each bottle is glued shut, we do not recommend allowing small children to use Dream Dust without adult supervision. We do not recommend allowing small children to use De-Stress Slime.

Mommin with Monsters is not responsible for the misuse of Dream Dust or De-Stress Slime.

Is Dream Dust or De-Stress Slime edible?

No! Please do not try to eat the Dream Dust or De-Stress Slime. We know the De-Stress Slime smells delicious but it is not edible.

Do you use Borax to make the De-Stress Slime?

We do not use Borax. The ingredients in our slime are safe for children and adults.

Care Instructions

Dream Dust and De-Stress Slime should be kept at room temperature. Extreme cold or heat may affect the functionality.

De-Stress Slime does not require an activator. If the De-Stress Slime becomes sticky, use a little bit of contact lens solution or baby oil and knead your slime until it is firm again. You should not have to do this often.


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