Dream Dust

Say Hello to Dream Dust!

Dream Dust is perfect for stress and anxiety relief, calming down during stressful moments, mindfulness exercises, focusing with ADHD, and as a sensory tool for autism.

The idea for Dream Dust started when I was looking for a sensory tool / glitter jar for my son who is on the Autism Spectrum and has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We were looking for a way to help him calm down from meltdowns and stay focused. I found a lot of DIY instructions and figured… Why not make it ourselves? We enjoy making crafts as a family.  This was a way to get everyone involved and feel like they are contributing.

What happened? We couldn’t get enough of it! Seriously. My oldest monsters (7 and 10) snuck the 2 oz travel size Dream Dust in their back-packs to give to their teachers. They scour the craft stores with me then BEG to create “just one more” for themselves.  I keep the travel size in my purse (never know when you’ll need it), a Monster Dream Dust on my desk, and they are all over the house.  We love it so much that we decided to make it available for everyone.

What makes Dream Dust so great? It’s perfect for children AND adults. We have a variety of sizes and each can be customized for you! Check out some of the colors… The color combos were made and named by J-Zilla and Drella.

How does Dream Dust work? Here’s what you do… Shake the dream dust like crazy. I mean, really shake it. Then sit back and watch the glitter fall to the bottom of the jar (settling time available in the FAQs). This is extremely relaxing. “Just Breathe“, by Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman, shows children and adults discussing mindfulness and deep breathing while using a glitter jar. Another way to use Dream Dust is to flip the bottle over, without shaking it, and watch the glitter swirl and fall. It looks like a storm when done this way.

Want to see Dream Dust in action? Click here to view some of the Dream Dust in action.

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