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We have now reached the “scream my head off whenever mommy isn’t holding me” stage.  You know what stage I’m talking about! It’s when you can’t do anything without holding your baby because, heaven forbid, you put the baby down for a second (in a safe place of course). What happens when you put the baby down? They scream holy terror. My little guy is rockin this stage something fierce.

  • Playing with toys: He loves to get down and play with his toys… If I’m sitting right there next to him and he can easily turn around to put his hands on me.
  • Cooking dinner: He used to sit in his high chair while I cooked dinner.  Now, he wants to help and by help I mean take all cooking utensils and bang them around (usually on my head).
  • Any time I’m in the bathroom: Okay, he doesn’t go in with me but he does sit outside the bathroom in a little rocker (we call it a taco).
  • Cleaning the house: I have almost mastered the art of sweeping and mopping with a baby on my hip.
  • Writing this post: He sits in my lap, watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and “helps” type.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this time with my little guy and that he wants to be around me. But… have you ever tried to do absolutely everything with a baby on your hip? Let me tell you, it starts to hurt after awhile.


That’s why I’m so glad to be part of the Tula Baby Carrier Giveaway! 

I’ve joined forces with other mom bloggers for this FREE GIVEAWAY. The giveaway is open NOW through December 22 at 1159 pm EST. The winner will be chosen on December 23. So what happens if you win? You get to choose your very own Tula Baby Carrier in the style AND color of your choice.  This giveaway is open to entrants 18+ years old from anywhere in the WORLD! And guess what… You don’t have to pay for shipping!

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