Drella and The First Grade Fight Club

Any day I don’t get a call from the school is a good day. Right? This is generally true. The exception is when something bad happens or my monsters get sick and I don’t get that dreaded phone call. The day Drella got into a fight at school is one where I didn’t get the call. Instead, she dropped the news on me when I picked her up from daycare that evening. I don’t like surprises.

J-Zilla and Drella spend time in their respective classrooms at the end of the school day while they wait for the daycare bus to pick them up. The students are supposed to sit quietly during this time while the teachers make sure everyone gets on the correct bus. Here’s how it went down…

The children were standing around near the front of the classroom. The teacher was at the door watching the hallways as students headed to their busses. A little boy asked Drella to fight him and she said no. Then he offered her a dollar to fight him and she said yes! [Y’all… these kids knew they were wrong. They were being extra quiet and whispering the whole time.] The little boy hit Drella and knocked her down. She started crying and another child went to get the teacher. The teacher broke up the fight and made the kids stand by the door where she could see them and watch the hall. Drella was a little shaken up but was ok overall.

Now remember, I never got a call from the school. Instead, I had to call them the next day and go on a round robin to figure out what happened and how the situation would be handled. Drella and I eventually made it in for a parent/teacher conference to discuss the incident. Drella wasn’t upset about the fight or losing priveledges at the end of the day (they all did). Her ONE comment was, “He didn’t give me my dollar.”

There are a couple of lessons to be learned from this (in no particular order)…

  1. Boys should not hit girls.
  2. Defend yourself if someone hits you.
  3. Children should not be left unattended.
  4. Trouble starts when kids get silent.
  5. Always get your money.