5AM Dance Off… Learning the Worm

So there I was… sleeping peacefully in my bed after being up most of the night with Baby Monster. It’s 3 am and my oldest, J-Zilla, is creeping into my room with the stealth of someone walking on Legos.

J-Zilla: Mom… Can I go get a shower?

Me: No! It’s 3 am! Go to sleep!

J-Zilla: I can’t sleep. My friend and I are going to move in together and live in Philadelphia when we graduate [folks… he’s 10] so we can be near the Lego place and the Eagles.

Me: Are you serious right now?

J-Zilla: Yeah mom. We are going to have a dog and sleep on an inflatable mattress.

Me: Why an inflatable mattress?

J-Zilla: Because real furniture is too expensive.

Fast forward 2 hours to 5 am… Baby Monster starts fussing so I fix him a bottle. He is back to sleep within 5 minutes.

J-Zilla: Mom… Can I go shower now?

Me: No, it’s too early. [We didn’t have to be awake for 3 MORE HOURS] You may go downstairs and watch t.v. if you can be quiet.

J-Zilla: OK. [Takes his body pillow, blanket, and 5 stuffed animals downstairs]

15 minutes later…

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

I have no idea what the exact cause of this sound is but I do know the source. Back to sleep I go.

Fast forward a few hours… Baby Monster is awake for real now. J-Zilla hears me talking and RUNS upstairs, throws the door open and says…

“Mom! I taught myself how to do the worm!”

He then proceeds to get on the floor and show me his version of the worm. I don’t know where he “learned” this but whoever “taught” him didn’t know what they were doing. Doing the worm

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